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Seasonal Forager


Elevate your autumn style with the captivating Forager Ruana and Shawl crochet pattern. Adorned with climbing branches, delicate leaves, and whimsical berries, embrace boho vibes and the beauty of nature by wearing an accessory that offers endless styling options.

Natalia's Forager Ruana and Shawl embodies a bohemian aesthetic that's perfect for layering, seeing you through the in-between seasons in comfort and style. Whether you choose to make a shawl or ruana, both options are ideal for staying cosy while showcasing the beauty of nature through the mosaic crochet stitches, created using Scheepjes' Scrumptious yarn.

Suitable for adventurous beginners, the simple shape of this design, which can be be made in two different versions, allows the beautiful stitches to take centre stage. For the shawl, drape it across your shoulders like a wrap or wear it as a scarf. Similar to a poncho but with a slit down the front, the ruana offers versatile styling. Drape with the back seam in the middle for a cascading effect, or overlap the front panels for added intrigue. For a unique twist, drape one front panel over the opposite shoulder, or cross them with the back seam positioned on one shoulder.


Every MAL week starts on Wednesday around noon CEST. In addition to the support in our Official Facebook Group(s), Natalia will share detailed instructions her website.

MAL WeekWeek
14 October 2023
211 October 2023
318 October 2023
425 October 2023


Scheepjes Scrumptious (50% Recycled Polyester, 50% Acrylic)

  • Yarn A: 365 Summer Pudding - 4 balls (Ruana), 3 balls (Shawl)
  • Yarn B: 311 Chai Shortbread - 7 balls (Ruana no fringe), 8 balls (Ruana with fringe), 5 balls (Shawl)
  • Yarn C: 349 Rainforest Cake - 5 balls (Ruana), 3 balls (Shawl)
  • 4mm crochet hook
  • Stitch markers
  • Tapestry needle

At the time of the launch, Natalia will be providing sample photos and information on her website for using alternative Scheepjes yarns including Colour Crafter and Our Tribe.


The Seasonal Forager pattern will be digitally available on October 4th via two different channels:

During the MAL, the pattern wil be available with a 20% discount on both channels!

*Prices may be subject to some variation based on local currency, time of purchase and taxes.

About the designer

Friend of Scheepjes Natalia, a North Carolina-based designer, is a passionate creator with a love for crochet and a knack for knitting. Since 2015, she has transformed her newfound love for crochet into a thriving design business, specialising in modern crochet clothing and accessories. With a focus on making intricate patterns accessible, Natalia provides comprehensive instructions, charts, schematics, and helpful videos tailored to adventurous beginners. She has previously designed for Scheepjes' Meadow Bag MAL (2020) and Serenum MAL (2021).

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