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Is there something wrong with my product?

At Scheepjes, we strive for the highest quality in our products. If you believe there is something wrong with your product, we recommend returning to the store where you purchased it. They can assist you further and work with you to find a suitable solution.

Why are there knots in my yarn?

At Scheepjes, we understand that you prefer to use yarn without knots. However, a thread has a natural length, and sometimes it breaks during the production process, requiring a knot to restore the thread. If we only offered yarn without knots, there would be a lot of leftover yarn, which does not align with our corporate social responsibility goals.

We adhere to the rule that there may be a maximum of two knots in a 50-gram ball. If you notice too many knots in your yarn, we recommend returning to the store where you purchased it. They will help you find a suitable solution.

​For the Whirl, see the section below: Why are there knots in my Whirl?

Why are there knots in my Whirl?

Irregularities and fuzz in your Whirl thread are called fuzzbuzzes and are characteristic of the Whirl. A Whirl is spun in such a way that you have six individual threads. During a color change, one thread (color) is replaced by another thread (color).

To handle a fuzzbuzz, you can wet your fingertips and smooth the fuzzbuzz between your fingers. This way, the fuzzbuzz will not be visible in your project. If you still have questions or comments about these fuzzbuzzes, we recommend returning to the store where you purchased the yarn. Theywill help youfind a suitable solution.

Where can I buy Scheepjes yarn?

You can buy Scheepjes yarn from various retailers, both physical and online. On our Scheepjes website, we have a handy store locator. Enter your address, and you will see an overview of Scheepjes retailers near you, including webshops.

Visit the store locator here: Scheepjes Store Locator

Where can I find a pattern when purchasing a CAL/KAL kit?

When purchasing a CAL (Crochet-Along) or KAL (Knit-Along) kit, you can find the corresponding pattern on the Scheepjes website. All patterns are published there and are available for download from the moment the pattern is launched.

Visitthe Scheepjes CALS & MALS page here: Scheepjes CAL/KAL

Can you share certificates of your certifications?

For our OEKO-TEX certified yarns, you can scan the QR code on the label to go directly to the OEKO-TEX website for more information.

We understand that you would like to know more about the certifications of our yarns. Unfortunately, we cannot share the certificates themselves due to sensitive business information.

Additionally, some of our yarns have the EN71-3 certification. While we cannot share these certificates, you can trust that Scheepjes yarns meet these strict standards.

Can I become a Scheepjes retailer?

We warmly welcome new retailers! If you are interested in becoming a Scheepjes retailer, you can create an account on the website debondtbv.com. For registration, we require a Chamber of Commerce number. After creating your account, you can view our full range of products and place orders.

De Bondt is the exclusive distributor of Scheepjes and offers a wide range of other haberdashery products.