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Week 8

Week 08


See the colour table for used yarns.

Tips & Tricks

  • If you find it hard to keep track of the rows (for example, which rows belong to the separator) take a contrast yarn and weave that horizontally through your rows on the top and bottom. When you finish, take your contrast yarn out.
  • This week we’re finishing the embroidery on the backpiece. You don’t have to crochet a separator, you already did so in week 6.
  • The key to finishing this week is to keep counting. Really, it’s better to be safe than sorry!


Work your embroidery on rows 1-50 (rows 153-202) in cross stitch according to the embroidery scheme, with row 1 being the bottom (the center of the backpiece), and row 50 being the top of your embroidered motif. You read the scheme as follows:

Every square represents a crocheted stitch in your shawl. The white squares will not be embroidered. The coloured squares represent the cross stitches you’re going to make. In every square there’s a letter, corresponding to the colour you use for the embroidery.

For details regarding how you embroider read the Tips & Tricks document, or watch the video tutorial Esther made for week 2. I can give you a tip on how to tackle this large embroidery. What worked for me is to start with the large half flower and its stem. Next, I’ve embroidered the two stems on the side and later added the details such as the birds and butterflies. The key to finishing this week is to keep counting. Every time you finish a section, count if your stitches are in the right place.

Week 08 - Borduurdiagram
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