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10 Years of Crafting Along

It’s 10 years since the first-ever Scheepjes CAL, and Scheepjes is celebrating our 10 years of community crafting with four projects! For the first time ever, it’s possible to choose whether to knit or crochet the projects in our CKAL– that’s a Crochet-or a Knit-A-Long! Free online patterns will be provided for both options for all three Dawn Chorus kits (see below). These three projects will be released in succession; the CKALs will run from late winter into summer. A different fourth project will be released for autumn 2024, also with a free online pattern

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Dawn Chorus Pick & Mix CKAL Experience

The Dawn Chorus designs are all inspired by birds: each kit is a celebration of a beautiful songbird that awakens the day with a melody. As the first rays of sunlight paint the sky, immerse yourself in the captivating world of birdsong and embark on a journey of creativity and the promise of a new day. As we launch three separate kits one by one, the identity of the birds that inspired the designs will be revealed. In the spirit of their different songs, our Pick & Mix kits invite you to choose the craft and design you wish to use. Knit or crochet each design and create your very own Dawn Chorus!


Kit One: Goldcrest Scarf by Martin Up North

Create a knitted or crocheted colourwork scarf, representing the beautiful shades of the goldcrest. Martin’s intricate designs incorporate a number of different techniques to keep the crafter engaged, including mosaic crochet and mosaic knitting.

More information about the Goldcrest scarf can be found here.

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Kit Two: Blue Tit Cushion by Liz Barraclough

Create a knitted or crocheted cushion with a duplicate stitch or cross stitch motif of a blue tit, designed by Liz of Bizzymitts. Liz’s designs beautifully combine stitching techniques with knitting or crochet, showcasing the remarkable colours of this sweet bird.

More information about the Blue Tit Cushion can be found here.

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Kit Three: Bullfinch Blanket by Esther Dijkstra

Create a knitted or crocheted blanket using a Limited Edition Mega Whirl! Using this (almost) 3km-long yarn cake, create a beautifully draping blanket with a soft colourway inspired by the shades of this lovely little bird. Esther’s designs showcase the classic colour changes for which our Whirl yarn is known, incorporating repeated mitred square motifs in each of the crochet and knit techniques.

More information about the Bullfinch Blanket can be found here.

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