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Every year Scheepjes organise a variety of exciting interactive projects to keep creative hands busy and to ensure that the wonderful worldwide Scheepjes Community, passionate about crafting, can connect, grow and flourish.

The annual CAL (Crochet-A-Long) focuses on a specially designed pattern, published in weekly parts here on the Scheepjes website. Scheepjes create special limited edition kits for the event, conveniently containing all the yarn required.

Between CALs, Scheepjes organise further MALs (Make-A-Longs), that may involve crochet, knitting or other crafts. The focus is on a new or existing pattern with materials being available via Scheepjes Retailers. MALs vary in level and are designed to offer all the ongoing support needed to provide participants with the confidence to successfully complete the project.

Each CAL and MAL is hosted in the Official Scheepjes Facebook groups, bringing renowned designers and like-minded makers together for mutual encouragement as they enjoy a shared crafting experience. Whether participants are extending existing skills, or learning something completely new, progress and enthusiasm are celebrated here!

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