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Week 3

CAL 2015 (3)

You will need

  • Scheepjes Linen Soft (47% cotton, 27% linen, 26% acrylic, 50g/135m)
    · Peacock Kit: Colours 608 and 612
    · Hummingbird Kit: Colours 624 and 625
    · Heron Kit: Colours 615 and 621
  • 4 mm crochet hook
  • Tapestry needle


This week is a new motif pattern. Where there are tr4tog in Round 3, note that these are worked over 2 Puff Stitches from the previous round, so that the first 2 ‘legs’ of the tr4tog are worked in the first Puff Stitch, and the second 2 legs of the tr4tog are worked in the second Puff Stitch. Note that you will always be working the first half of the tr4tog in the same stitch as the one just worked.

Motif 3 (make 8 in this colourway)

With 608 from the Peacock Kit (624 from the Hummingbird Kit, 615 from the Heron Kit), make a magic loop.

Round 1 (RS): Ch4 (counts as tr and ch1), (tr into the loop, ch1) 11 times, ss to third ch of beg ch-4. [12 tr, 12 ch-1 sps]

Round 2: Ss into first ch-1 sp, ch2, Puff Stitch in same ch-1 sp, pulling up only 2 loops, ch2, (Puff Stitch, ch2) in each remaining ch-1 sp around, ss to top of first Puff Stitch, fasten off. [12 Puff Stitch, 12 ch-2 sps]

Round 3: Join 612 from the Peacock Kit (625 from the Hummingbird Kit, 621 from the Heron Kit) with a ss in the top of first Puff Stitch. Ch2, tr3tog over the first 2 Puff Stitches by working the first ‘leg’ of the stitch in de first Puff Stitch, and the second two legs of the tr3tog in the second Puff Stitch, ch4, (tr4tog over same Puff Stitch and next Puff Stitch, ch4) 11 times, ss to top of tr3tog, fasten off and weave in ends.

For more information visit our CAL Facebook group Scheepjes CAL - International

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