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Week 12

CAL 2015 (12)

Blocking Motifs

As you complete each motif, lay it on your blocking mat and gently ease into a perfect circle. Do not stretch. Using a plant spritzer, lightly spray each motif with cold water. Allow to dry naturally before removing the pins. If you block your motifs each week as you go, it doesn’t become a big job at the end of the project.

How to block your finished shawl

  1. Use Knitpro blocking mats, pins and blocking wires.
  2. Soak your shawl in handwarm water, a bit of Eucalan, and place a Colour Catcher in with the shawl. Leave it in for about 10-15 minutes (always stay close, to make sure colours do not bleed).
  3. Gently remove excessive water out of the shawl, do not twist or wring it out but gently ‘squeeze’ the excess water out. Then roll it in a large towel to remove more water. If necessary, take a second towel and roll it in once more.
  4. Shape the shawl on the blocking mats and stretch it out gently.
  5. Use blocking wires to secure the edges.
  6. Use pins to secure everything and for that extra finishing touch, pin each picot along the edges. You will need a lot of pins but it is worth it.
  7. Leave it to dry naturally.
  8. Remove all pins and blocking wires.

For more information visit our CAL Facebook group Scheepjes CAL - International

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