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- Esme Crick - HeadshotAugust2019

Esme Crick

Hello there, I’m Esme and I live and breathe crochet! A wonderful lady called Eileen taught me how to crochet about 10 years ago; she will always have a special place in my heart for giving me so many yarny pearls of wisdom. I live with my partner, our 2 kids, and our delightfully aloof cat Hank Deluxe in Suffolk, England. It’s very rural here, perfect for heading out into the woods and forests which I find incredibly calming and inspiring too. Since I discovered the technique of mosaic crochet about 2 years ago, my designs have found their spiritual home, and I try to represent the natural world around me in geometric forms. My recent designs have been inspired by trees, insects, birds, the sky...it all makes me feel at one with the world. Crocheting has the same effect, so whether under the trees or with a hook in my hand, I’m in my element. I try to use crochet for creating positivity too- I’ve run several community yarn projects over the years, raising money for local and national charities, and I’ve taught crochet to many people. Best teaching gig ever- working for 2 years as a volunteer crochet teacher at my son’s primary school- seeing all those kids concentrating with a hook in their hands was a total joy. Not a screen or gadget in sight!