45.Swifts Cushion Image 01
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45. Swifts Cushion all three 03
Category Patterns YARN/AP, Home, Esme Crick
Suggested yarn Catona 50 gram
Type Cushion
Technique crochet
Sizes 45 x 45 cm (17.7 x 17.7 inch)
Languages dutch french german spain swedish english-uk english-us
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YARN The After Party 45 - Swifts Cushion

By Esme Crick

The Swifts Cushion - – the second in a series of 3 gorgeous crocheted cushions designed by Esme Crick. Crocheted using the mosaic crochet technique, this design features yet another timeless geometric pattern, with a bold, popping contrast between background and foreground.
This pattern has been crocheted using our 50g balls of Scheepjes Catona in colours 248 Champagne and 192 Scarlet. You’ll need 5 balls for the background, and 2 for the contrasting motif, with the end result being a lovely 45 x 45cm new addition to your home!

The YARN The After Party booklets are available in English UK crochet terms, German, Swedish and Dutch crochet terms via our Scheepjes dealers. This pattern is also available as a digital download via Ravelry in English US crochet terms, Spanish and French.

About the designer

Esme Crick of Redsparrowcrochet is the designer behind this irresistible collection of cushions! She has previously contributed to our YARN Bookazine series and designed the much-loved Pom Pom Ripple Wrap which featured in our latest YARN Bookazine 7 Reef.

46.Electric Dreams Cushion 03

Besides the Swifts Cushion (middle) are the Busy Bees Cushion (left) and the Electric Dreams Cushion (right). All patterns are available as an After Party.

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