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Simy's Studio - Scheepjes Slider - Versie 1

Simy's Studio

After many years collaborating with Scheepjes behind the scenes, our friends at Simy’s Studio have opened their doors and offer you the warmest of welcomes!

‘At Simy’s Studio, we understand that crafting is not just a hobby; it’s an enriching lifestyle that nurtures passion and ignites the imagination. Our brand is built upon the belief that crafting goes beyond the finished product – it’s an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and a gateway to exploring ideas.’

Simy’s Studio are a team of dedicated artisans and crafters who pour their heart, soul and expertise into curating an unparalleled range of content and products. Each brings a unique perspective and skill set, fostering an environment of collaboration and innovation that fuels their creative fire.

Over on their website you can find out more about their latest venture: Simy’s Studio Premier Yarn Collection,featuring three captivating ranges of 100% Superwash Merino yarn. HOPE and TRUTH each offer a stunning palette of 15 hand-dyed colourways and NAKID, a natural, undyed wool, serves as a blank canvas for hand-dyers seeking artistic freedom.

A curated selection of patterns invites you to explore the wonderful possibilities Simy’s Studio Yarn has to offer. An initial collection of five knitting patterns featuring the work of extraordinarily talented designers is available as printed booklet and you can also download printable PDF patterns directly from their website.

For a limited time only, when you sign up to receive Simy’s Studio Newsletter you will receive a FREE downloadable pdf of the Aspin Hat pattern, a stunning crochet design not to be missed.

Find out more and enter a world of endless inspiration, where creativity is not just a lifestyle; it’s a whole way of being!

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