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Category Scheepjes Publications, A Spoonful of Yarn, Home
Suggested yarn Stone Washed Minerals XL, Stone Washed
Technique crochet
Sizes 126 x 130cm
Languages english-uk english-us dutch
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Mountain Clouds Blanket - Minerals

By Christina Hadderingh

The Mountain Clouds Blanket designed by Christina Hadderingh will bring a touch of nature's spectacular beauty to your cosy crafting nook. We’ve remade this gorgeous blanket in Stone Washed XL, one of your favourite Scheepjes yarns, combined with its variegated sister, Stone Washed Minerals XL. We’re thrilled with how it’s turned out, and to celebrate we’re offering the digital pattern for FREE. Happy crocheting!


​Scheepjes Stone Washed Minerals XL (70% Cotton x 30% Acrylic; 50g/75m)
​Yarn A 901 Agate Aria x 9 balls
​Scheepjes Stone Washed XL (70% Cotton x 30% Acrylic; 50g/175m)
​Yarn B 853 Amazonite x 3 balls
​Yarn C 845 Blue Apatite x 3 balls
Yarn D 846 Canada Jade x 3 balls
​Yarn E 844 Boulder Opal x 3 balls
Yarn F 841 Moon Stone x 11 balls
​4.5mm crochet hook
​4 stitch markers

​Download the FREE crochet pattern for the Stone Washed Minerals XL version below or via Ravelry in English (UK/US) and Dutch.

Scheepjes SKIES Light version

The Scheepjes SKIES Light version is published in YARN - The After Party 65, designed by Christina Hadderingh from A Spoonful of Yarn. A printed booklet of this version is available via Scheepjes retailers for a small fee, or as a free digital download via Ravelry. The pattern is identical to the Stone Washed Minerals XL version, aside from the instructions about how many motifs you need to work per colour and the required crochet hook size.
​Read all about the SKIES Light version here.

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