2021 Watercolor Granny Blanket 1
2021 Watercolor Granny Blanket 2
2021 Watercolor Granny Blanket 3
2021 Watercolor Granny Blanket 4
Category A Spoonful of Yarn, Home
Suggested yarn Stone Washed / River Washed Colour Pack, Catona Colour Pack, Stone Washed, River Washed, Catona 10 gram
Type Blanket
Technique crochet
Sizes 75cm (30in)
Languages dutch english-us
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Watercolor Granny Blanket

By Christina Hadderingh

The Watercolor Granny Blanket by Christina of A Spoonful of Yarn is truly a perfect stash buster! Whenever you have some yarn leftover from a design, you can simply add another square to this join-as-you-go project. So if you have lots of yarn leftover from our Stone Washed, River Washed or Catona yarns, maybe you can start crating your very own blanket too! You can find more tips & tricks in the free pattern on Christina's blog: A Spoonful of Yarn.

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