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2021 Blooming Moss Scarf 1
2021 Blooming Moss Scarf 2
2021 Blooming Moss Scarf 3
Category A Spoonful of Yarn, Men, Women, Accessories
Suggested yarn Our Tribe
Type Scarf
Technique crochet
Sizes 22 x 180cm (8.8 x 72in)
Languages dutch english-us
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Blooming Moss Scarf

By Christina Hadderingh

Take a look at this stunning creation by A Spoonful of Yarn! The popcorn and front post stitches of the Blooming Moss Scarf stand out beautifully on the background of, you guessed it, moss stitch! And you don't need to worry about the border - you crochet it as you go! The crochet pattern for this scarf is available here.

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