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Category Scheepjes Publications, Home, YARN - The After Party
Suggested yarn SKIES Light, SKIES Light Mini Hanks Assortment, Cotton 8
Type Blanket
Technique crochet
Sizes 100 x 100cm (40 x 40in)
Languages dutch english-uk english-us french german spain swedish
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YARN - The After Party 65 Mountain Clouds Blanket

By Christina Hadderingh

While crocheting the striking Mountain Clouds Blanket, which is made using the luxuriously soft and all-natural Scheepjes SKIES Light yarns, crafters will feel as though they are on the top of the world, gazing over a gorgeous mountainous landscape, all from the comfort of their own favourite crafting nooks.

To create the Mountain Clouds Blanket, crafters will need one 100g hank of Scheepjes SKIES Light in colour 109 Cirrocumulus as well as a complete Scheepjes SKIES Light Mini Hanks Pack. In addition, they will require five balls of Scheepjes Cotton 8 in colour 502 or, alternatively, should they prefer to complete their project entirely with Scheepjes SKIES Light yarns, three 100g hanks of Scheepjes SKIES Light in colour 118 Undyed. The finished blanket measures 100 x 100cm after blocking.

Please note that Scheepjes SKIES Light hanks need to be wound into a ball prior to use with the help of a Yarn Winder and an Umbrella Swift. To learn how, please take a look at this special instructional video.


  • Scheepjes SKIES Light Mini Hank Pack (100% Premium Blend Cotton; 28g/95m per mini hank)
    Yarn A: 109 Cirrocumulus x 1 hank
    Yarn B: 110 Cirrus x 1 hank
    Yarn C: 111 Cumulus x 1 hank
    Yarn D: 112 Altocumulus x 1 hank
    Yarn E: 113 Altostratus x 1 hank
    Yarn F: 114 Stratus x 1 hank
    Yarn G: 115 Cirrostratus x 1 hank
    Yarn H: 116 Cumulonimbus x 1 hank
    Yarn I: 117 Circumcumulus x 1 hank
  • Scheepjes SKIES Light (100% Premium Blend Cotton; 100g/340m)
    Yarn A: 109 Cirrocumulus x 1 hank
  • Scheepjes Cotton 8 (100% Cotton; 50g/170m)
    Yarn J: 502 x 5 balls
    Or altenatively for Yarn J: Scheepjes SKIES Light (100% Premium Blend Cotton; 100g/340m), colour 118 Undyed x 3 hanks.
  • 3.5mm crochet hook
  • 4 stitch markers

The pattern for the Mountain Clouds Blanket, designed by Christina Hadderingh, is featured in YARN - The After Party 65. This issue of YARN - The After Party is available as a printed booklet in English (UK), Dutch, German and Swedish via Scheepjes retailers, or as a digital download via Ravelry in these languages plus English (US), French and Spanish.

Unfortunately, there is an error in the printed version this pattern. The errata is available here. Digital copies will be updated via Ravelry.

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