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Experiments in Candy

Good day scientists!

I trust that your week has been a good one and that preparations for your experiments are well underway!
Today I thought I'd share one of my favourite colour experiments with you all. A chance to see colour in action, whilst having the odd treat along the way!

For today's experiments in colour, you're going to need the following;

  • A packet of Skittles (or an equivalent candy; M&Ms, Smarties, etc.)
  • A white plate
  • Hot water (straight from the kettle - Careful as it's hot!)
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Start by separating the sweets by colour, place an assortment on the plate, and add a little hot water. Watch in wonder as the dye starts to run. Look at those gorgeous shades!

Untitled_Artwork 131
Untitled_Artwork 131 copy 6

Primary Colours

Now let's focus on the primary colours; Red, blue and Yellow.
Place them on the plate and again add some hot water. What do you notice?

Untitled_Artwork 131 copy

With some encouragement, the shades bleed into one another and create secondary colours: Green, Purple and Orange.

Secondary colours

Untitled_Artwork 131 copy 3

Candy Colour Wheel

Untitled_Artwork 131 copy 4

Play around with different combinations of colours and see what colours make new shades when their dyes mix.

Untitled_Artwork 131

Not to mention the combination of gorgeous patterns that are created when the water flows naturally with the colouring from the sweets!

Untitled_Artwork 131 copy 2

Isn't that marvellous!
I'd love to see what you got up to with your experiments;
Why not share some of your goings-on over on Instagram by tagging us in your pictures of your colour experiments in the LAB!
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and don't forget to enjoy the tasty treats once you're done experimenting!!!

Until next time!

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