Category Patterns YARN/AP, Accessories, Cuddly Toys
Suggested yarn Organicon
Type Accessories
Technique crochet
Sizes 17cm (6.5in) tall x 7cm (2.8in) wide
Languages dutch english-uk english-us german french swedish spain
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YARN The After Party 56 - Ice Cream Rattle

By Joke Postma

The adorably delectable Ice Cream Rattles designed by Joke Postma have been crocheted using the newest addition to the Scheepjes range; Scheepjes Organicon! More than just a fun little project to make between something larger, these sweet, rattling ice creams make wonderful gifts for new parents and their little ones. Both Ice Cream Rattles have been crocheted using Scheepjes Organicon in 50-gram balls. This soft yarn has been made from 100% organic cotton and is highly suited to creating a range of other items for babies and children. Inside each ice cream is a rattling device which creates a stimulating sound which can be heard when shaking the rattle. Each rattle measures 17 x 7 cm.

The YARN The After Party booklets are available in English UK crochet terms, German, Swedish and Dutch crochet terms via our Scheepjes dealers. This pattern is also available as a digital download via Ravelry in English US crochet terms, Spanish and French.

About Scheepjes Organicon

Made from 100% organic cotton, Scheepjes Organicon is part of a global movement towards reducing resource consumption and conscious production methods. Alongside the benefits of organic farming on water quality, land fertility and energy use, organic cotton is an exceptionally soft fibre that is delicate for you and your little one's skin! This makes Scheepjes Organicon a particularly suitable yarn for creating garments, stuffed toys and accessories for babies and toddlers, as well as garments for adults with a sensitive touch.

Scheepjes Organicon is available in 21 soft and fresh pastel shades with a selection of neutrals that together make gorgeous colour combinations for a wide range of projects.

About the designer

Joke Postma of Jookz is a Dutch designer who has released numerous crochet pattern books (in Dutch only). Among her successes are books Baby’s Boerderijbeestjes (English: Petting Zoo Animals for Babies) and Box, Bed and Buggy Haken, both containing a wide variety of gorgeous patterns designed with little ones in mind, like stuffed toys, and playful accessories.

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