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Category YARN Bookazine 13 - Wadden, Home
Suggested yarn SKIES Heavy
Type Cushion
Technique crochet
Sizes 70 x 15 x 30cm (27½ x 6 x 11¾in)
Languages dutch english-uk
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YARN 13 - Stormy Skies Cushions

By Joke Postma

Crochet statement squishy cushions in a thick, luxury cotton. Each shade has subtle colour variations, carefully dyed with natural indigo and named after a cloud formation. Remind yourself of days spent lying on the beach, gazing at clouds scudding across dramatic open skies.


  • Scheepjes SKIES Heavy (100% Premium Cotton; 100g/170m)
    Yarn A: 100 Cirrocumulus x 4 hanks for 1 complete cushion
    Yarn B: 101 Cirrus x 4 hanks for 1 complete cushion
    Yarn C: 105 Stratus x 4 hanks for 1 complete cushion
  • 3.5mm crochet hook
  • 3 x 400g bags of polyester stuffing, item no. 240131-10 (enough for 3 Cushions)
  • 1 x stitch marker


This is a beginner level pattern.

The pattern for the Stormy Skies Cushions appears in YARN Bookazine 13 Wadden, published by Scheepjes. YARN Bookazine is available in print in both UK English and Dutch language and is available from Scheepjes retailers or by subscription below:

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