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Category YARN Bookazine 9 - NOW age, Women, Scheepjes Publications
Suggested yarn Bamboo Soft
Type Poncho
Technique crochet
Sizes S-M / L-XXL
Languages dutch english-uk
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YARN 9 - Sunburst Poncho

By Cara Medus

Easy-breezy, soft and flowing, this poncho is the perfect cover-up for milder days. The classic granny stitch design looks equally eye-catching from all angles.

Yarn required:
Scheepjes Bamboo Soft (50% Bamboo, 50% Cotton; 50g/150m)
Yarn A: 256 Grand Oak x 1 (1) ball
Yarn B: 261 Regal Orange x 2 (2) balls
Yarn C: 259 Majestic Red x 2 (2) balls
Yarn D: 253 Blue Opal x 3 (3) balls
Yarn E: 255 Celestial Blue x 3 (3) balls
Yarn F: 260 Golden Nugget x 3 (3) balls
Yarn G: 254 Mighty Spruce x 1 (2) balls
Yarn H: 252 Royal Purple x 2 (2) balls
Yarn I: 262 Hot Berry x 2 (3) balls
Yarn J: 250 Decadent Plum x 1 (2) balls
Yarn K: 264 Antique Silver x 2 (2) balls
Yarn L: 258 Jade Lapis x 2 (2) balls


This pattern appears in YARN Bookazine 9 NOW Age, published by Scheepjes. The bookazine is available in print in both UK English and Dutch language and is available from Scheepjes retailers or by subscription below:

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