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2021 Prisma Knuffeldoekje 1
2021 Prisma Knuffeldoekje 2
2021 Prisma Knuffeldoekje 3
2021 Prisma Knuffeldoekje 4
Category Baby, Soft Toys, Haak Maar Raak
Suggested yarn Organicon
Type Baby lovely
Technique crochet
Sizes 35cm (13.8in)
Languages dutch english-us
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Prism Baby Lovely

By Kirsten Ballering

Ta-da! Feast your eyes on the colourful and vibrant Prism Baby Lovey by Kirsten of Haak Maar Raak! Made with our all natural Organicon yarns, this wonderfully soft lovey will melt a lot of hearts at any baby shower or birthday! You can find the free pattern via her blog: Haak Maar Raak.

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