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Category Scheepjes Publications, Home, Pretty Little Things 11 - Love
Type Hanger
Technique other
Sizes 15.5cm
Languages dutch english-uk
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Pretty Little Things 11 - Smell the Roses Hanger

By Megan Keegan

Pretty Little Things 11 - Smell the Roses Hanger

The Smell the Roses Hanger, designed by Megan Keegan, is a romantic embroidered decoration. The combination of 3 complimentary shades of pink DMC Mouliné embroidery thread means that, with a little imagination, you can almost smell the roses! The Smell The Roses Hanger is made of a beautiful, natural wood embroidery ring, with ecru fabric as background and a felt covering on the backside for a tidy finishing touch. The pattern also contains a handy embroidery chart.

Free pattern booklet

This pattern appears in Pretty Little Things 11 – Love, published by Scheepjes. The Pretty Little Things booklet is available in print in both UK English and Dutch language via Scheepjes retailers. Or download the FREE ebook below or via Ravelry.

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