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Category Pretty Little Things 33 - Christmas, Home, Scheepjes Publications
Suggested yarn Twinkle, Colour Crafter
Type Doorstop
Technique knit
Languages dutch english-uk
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Knitted Gift Doorstop

By Amanda Berry

Knitted Gift Doorstop

Prop the door open to help Santa squeeze through with his bulging sack of presents. My, you must have made it to the nice list by finishing all your WIPs this year! Amanda Berry’s Knitted Gift Doorstop will make visitors smile and add a cheerful festive aesthetic to your home. Standing 18cm high, this novelty doorstop is constructed from separate knitted pieces, then filled with stuffing and weights before topping off with ribbons and bow. Knitted flat in simple garter stitch, it’s an ideal project for newer knitters wanting to practise increases and decreases. Made using either Scheepjes Colour Crafter or Scrumptious with glittery stripes of Scheepjes Twinkle, there’s a multitude of colours to choose from to suit your festive theme.


Scheepjes Twinkle (75% Cotton, 25% Polyester; 50g/130m)

  • Yarn A 941 (gold) x 1 ball

Version in photo

Scheepjes Colour Crafter (100% Premium Acrylic (Anti Pilling); 100g/300m)

  • Yarn B 1826 Franeker x 1 ball
  • Yarn C 1246 Maastricht x 1 ball
  • Yarn D 1001 Weert x 1 ball

Alternative yarn option

Scheepjes Scrumptious (50% Recycled Polyester, 50% Acrylic; 100g/300m)

  • Yarn B 319 Matcha Chocolate Brownie x 1 ball
  • Yarn C 365 Summer Pudding x 1 ball
  • Yarn D 302 Buttercream Icing x 1 ball

Other materials

  • 3.25mm knitting needles
  • 75g polyester stuffing
  • 500g Opry glass pellets concealed in a plastic bag for weight
  • 1 x Prym Creative Sheet, 30 x 60cm

Free pattern booklet

This pattern appears in Pretty Little Things 33 – Christmas, published by Scheepjes. The Pretty Little Things booklet is available in print in both UK English and Dutch language via Scheepjes retailers. Or download the FREE ebook below or via Ravelry.

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