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Louise Crowther

I am Louise Crowther, a British knitting and crochet designer.

I have been involved with textile design all my working life, starting my career as a Jacquard designer based in Yorkshire, creating elaborate, woven cloth designs for the corporate market and high street fashion retailers.

My passion for knitting started about ten years ago when my eldest son wanted to learn how to knit, and although his interest in knitting lasted no longer than a week, I was hooked! Unable to find any knitting patterns for toys that really appealed to me, I decided to have a go at creating my own; and so began the next chapter of my design career. My passion for crochet is much more recent, but I have now totally got the crochet bug! I have become one of those lucky people whose hobby has turned into a day job, and now run the small but successful business Boo-Biloo.

My work has been featured in various magazines including Making Gifts and Simply Knitting and my first book ‘My Knitted Doll’ was released in October 2016, followed by my second ‘Knitted Animal Friends’ in 2018.

Although I will always be a Yorkshire girl at heart, I now live in a lovely little town in Northamptonshire, where I divide my time between looking after my family, designing, knitting and crocheting.