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Joke ter Veldhuis

Hello, my name is Joke ter Veldhuis. Together with my husband, I have been living in beautiful Didam for over 2 years now. Together, we have 3 sons, 3 daughters-in-law, a grandson and a granddaughter. This beautiful family is my greatest love.

I have been living with and battling diabetes for years and because of this, working outside the home is not for me. During my rehabilitation year, I discovered crocheting and I haven’t been seen without a crochet hook in my hand since, at least in my neighbourhood.

Our eldest son created a website for me, www.lossenenvasten.nl. This is the ideal place for me to write about my designs and take you through the my designing process. I don't do this all by myself. Much of our family works with me in the background, helping me create banners, business cards, keeping the website up to date and things like that.

This little world, called Lossen & Vasten, is a place where I love to work, where I can do my best and where I can be myself. I hope to see you there regularly.


Patterns by Joke ter Veldhuis