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Studio Manya

I learned the crochet basics from my neighbour when I was on maternity leave of my first child in 2013. Very common, but thinking about it now, I never made something for my kids when they were a baby (shame on me!)

Before I started my Instagram journey in 2018 I was pretty much a social media cave woman. With only 2 followers, nobody knew about my account. But in 2 years my account reached 10K. My trademark is miniatures, at first purely a tactical decision. With kids and a job there was not much time left to crochet. The smaller the items, the quicker, which equals more posts I thought. But I couldn't be more far off on that!

I hope to sweep people off their feet as much as I can with my designs. My purpose with my Instagram account and my designs is to show people that there is so much more you can create with crochet and personalize that with my absolutely-not-so-glamorous life experiences. I hope this relates to my fellow crocheters, or at least give them a laugh!

You can find my designs on my blog: Studio Manya