Category Patterns YARN/AP, Home, The Curio Crafts Room
Suggested yarn Maxi Sweet Treat, Maxi Sugar Rush
Type Tablecloth
Technique crochet
Sizes Ø 124 cm (49 inch), motif: 12 cm (4.75 inch)
Languages dutch english-uk english-us german swedish french
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YARN The After Party 11 - Garden Room Tablecloth

By Christa Veenstra

In this edition of YARN The After Party: The Garden Room Tablecloth designed by Christa Veenstra! In the past, the crochet pattern for this delightful coloured tablecloth was part of a complete kit but it is now available as a separate booklet.

About the design
Each motif consists of three different colours, which makes it look really colourful. Designer Christa has added a bright colourway and a pastel colourway in the pattern, but why not choose your own colours? The 91 motifs are joined using the join-as-you-go method and this results in a 124 cm diameter tablecloth, but of course you can make it as large or as small as you like and it is even possible to make a square or rectangular tablecloth. This versatile pattern is definitely suitable to add your very own twist!

The digital pattern is available here, the printed version is available at your Scheepjes dealer.

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