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Category Scheepjes Publications, Women, Accessories, YARN - The After Party
Suggested yarn Secret Garden
Type Shawl
Technique knit
Sizes 210 x 90cm (83 x 35.5in)
Languages dutch english-uk german french norwegian spain swedish
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YARN - The After Party 06 Shawl of Secrets

By Sarah Knight

In this sixth edition of YARN The After Party we focus on the beautifully knitted 'Shawl of Secrets' designed by Sarah Knight. The Shawl of Secrets is knitted with 7 skeins of Scheepjes Secret Garden. Due to the colour variations in the yarn, each Secret Garden Shawl will look slightly different and therefore be unique!


  • Scheepjes Secret Garden (20% Silk, 20% Cotton, 60% Polyester; 50g/93m)
    Yarn A: 705 Rambling Blooms x 1 ball
    Yarn B: 707 Summer House x 1 ball
    Yarn C: 701 Hidden Pathway x 1 ball
    Yarn D: 703 Secluded Lake x 1 ball
    Yarn E: 704 Lavender Beds x 2 balls
    Yarn F: 702 Herb Garden x 1 ball
  • 4.5mm circular needle at least 100cm long (used as straight needles)
  • 2 stitch markers
  • Optional: 6mm needle for cast off

The Shawl of Secrets pattern, designed by Sarah Knight, is featured in YARN - The After Party 06. This issue of YARN - The After Party is available as a printed booklet in English (UK), Dutch, German and Spanish via Scheepjes retailers, or as a digital download via Ravelry in these languages plus French, Norwegian, and Swedish.

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