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Category Scheepjes Publications, Accessories, YARN Bookazine 4 - Dutch Masters, It's all in a Nutshell
Suggested yarn Maxi Sweet Treat
Type Accessories
Technique crochet
Languages english-uk dutch
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YARN 4 - Bicycle Dress

By Esther Dijkstra

YARN 4 - Bicycle Dress

Make a statement with this traditional, real Dutch dress guard and give your bicycle a stylish makeover.

Yarn required:
Scheepjes Maxi Sweet Treat (100% Mercerised Cotton; 25g/140m)

Colourway Vermeer:
Yarn A: 255 Nude
Yarn B: 383 Ginger Gold
Yarn C: 388 Rust
Yarn D: 395 Willow
Yarn E: 401 Dark Teal
Yarn F: 750 Bordeau

Colourway Rembrandt:
Yarn A: 517 Ruby
Yarn B: 249 Saffron
Yarn C: 105 Bridal White
Yarn D: 391 Deep Ocean Green
Yarn E: 390 Poppy Rose
Yarn F: 162 Black Coffee

Colourway Mondriaan:
Yarn A: 394 Shadow Purple
Yarn B: 252 Watermelon
Yarn C: 113 Delphinium
Yarn D: 413 Cherry
Yarn E: 519 Fresia
Yarn F: 409 Soft Rosa

Colourway Van Gogh:
Yarn A: 154 Gold
Yarn B: 392 Lime Juice
Yarn C: 509 Baby Blue
Yarn D: 606 Grass Green
Yarn E: 245 Green Yellow
Yarn F: 400 Petrol Blue

For a wheel diameter of 70cm (28in). If needed, the position of the lock opening can be adjusted.

This pattern appears in YARN Bookazine 4 Dutch Masters, published by Scheepjes. The bookazine is available in print in both UK English and Dutch language and is available from Scheepjes retailers or by subscription below:

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