Category YARN Bookazine 10 - The Colour Issue, Home, Cypress Textiles, Scheepjes Publications
Suggested yarn Softfun
Type Blanket
Technique crochet
Sizes 215 x 162cm (84.6 x 63.8in)
Languages dutch english-uk
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YARN 10 - Technicolour Dream Blanket

By Rachele Carmona

Crochet all the colours from our previous projects into one big blanket and the Technicolour Dream Blanket is born. A combination of geometric shapes and a pompom trim create a kaleidoscopic feast for the eyes. Throw this celebration of colour over a sofa, bed or chair to instantly uplift the mood in any room!


  • Scheepjes Softfun (60% Cotton, 40% Acrylic; 50g/140m)
    1 ball of each:
    Yarn A: 2492 Bordeaux
    Yarn B: 2534 Cyclamen
    Yarn C: 2617 Jam
    Yarn D: 2431 Clay
    Yarn E: 2607 Coral
    Yarn F: 2427 Tangerine
    Yarn G: 2621 Mustard
    Yarn H: 2610 Butterscotch
    Yarn I: 2622 Latte
    Yarn J: 2518 Canary
    Yarn K: 2496 Banana
    Yarn L: 2426 Lace
    Yarn M: 2606 Moss
    Yarn N: 2531 Olive
    Yarn O: 2516 Apple
    Yarn P: 2535 Forest
    Yarn Q: 2605 Emerald
    Yarn R: 2517 Kelly
    Yarn S: 2604 Aztec
    Yarn T: 2423 Bright Turquoise
    Yarn U: 2615 Botanical
    Yarn V: 2626 Cobalt
    Yarn W: 2511 Dark Turquoise
    Yarn X: 2603 Cool Blue
    Yarn Y: 2463 Purple
    Yarn Z: 2515 Deep Violet
    Yarn AA: 2519 Violet
    Yarn BB: 2489 Denim
    Yarn CC: 2602 Slate Blue
    Yarn DD: 2609 Iris
    Yarn EE: 2612 Crepe
    Yarn FF: 2618 Blossom
    Yarn GG: 2514 Rose
    7 balls of:
    Yarn HH: 2510 Dove
  • 3.5mm and 4mm crochet hooks


215 x 162cm (84.6 x 63.8in) after blocking

This pattern appears in YARN Bookazine 10 The Colour Issue, published by Scheepjes. The bookazine is available in print in both UK English and Dutch language and is available from Scheepjes retailers or by subscription below:

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