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2022 Umbrella Stole 1
2022 Umbrella Stole 2
2022 Umbrella Stole 3
Category Outstanding Crochet, Accessories, Women
Suggested yarn Stardust, Whirl, Whirlette
Type Wrap
Technique crochet
Sizes 157 x 42cm (62 x 17in)
Languages english-us
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Umbella Stole

By Natalia Kononova

And last but not least, meet the final addition to the gorgeous Umbella collection of Natalia from Outstanding Crochet! The wonderful Umbella Stole is crocheted with our lightly shimmering Stardust yarns, making the embossed stitches pop even more! If you're not a fan of shimmering yarns, you can also use our Whirl or Whirlette yarns. You can find the pattern here.

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