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2019-11-19 Tasty Tamarind 1
2019-11-19 Tasty Tamarind 2
2019-11-19 Tasty Tamarind 3
Category Mijo Crochet, Accessories
Suggested yarn Whirligig
Type Wrap
Technique crochet
Sizes 194 x 144 x 144cm
Languages dutch english-uk english-us danish french german greek hungarian japanese polish russian slovak spain swedish
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Tasty Tamarind Shawl

By Johanna Lindahl

Lush colours, a variety of stitches and the beautiful touch of our Whirligig yarn: that's what sums up the Tasty Tamarind shawl designed by Johanna of Mijo Crochet blog. The crochet pattern is available here.

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