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Model B (1)
Category Women
Suggested yarn Stone Washed, River Washed
Type Cardigan
Technique knit
Sizes 36/38 - 40/42 - 44/46
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Sleeveless Cardigan made of Stone Washed

By Scheepjes

Materials: Scheepjes Stone Beige (804) 8–9–9 balls.

Knitting needles: size 3 ½ and size 3 crochet hook.

Gauge: using size 3 ½ needles,24 sts and 36 rows in Garter st = 10 x 10 cm. Using size 3 ½ needles, 24 sts and 32 rows in Double Moss st = 10x10 cm. Take time to check gauge and switch needles if necessary.


Pattern st: At both edges of each row, work 1 Edge st. 1st row (right side): knit all sts. 2nd row (wrong side): 1 Edge st, *P1, K1 in the stitch in row below*, repeat from *–* (if the number of stitches is odd, you finish with a purl stitch) and an edge st. Repeat rows 1 and 2.

Garter st: knit all rows.

Stockinette st: on right side knit, on wrong side purl.

Double Moss st: 1st row: alternately K1 and P1. 2nd row: knit into knit, purl into purl. 3rd row: knit into purl, purl into knit. 4th row: knit into knit, purl into purl. Repeat these 4 rows.


Back: Using size 3 ½ needles, cast on 102–112–122 sts. Work in Pattern st until total length is 13 cm. Work 2 rows in Stockinette st and work the next row as follows (right side): K3, *1 single decrease, work 2 sts tog, K4, repeat from * to the end of row, 2 rows in Stockinette st. Continue to work in Garter st. From here on increase 5 times 1 st at both edges, every 26 rows. Neckline shaping: when work measures 56 cm bind off the center 46 sts and finish each half separately. At neck edge continue to bind off 2 times 2 sts, every following 2 rows. At the same time shape shoulder binding off 2 times 10–12–14 and 1 time 9–10–11 sts.

Right front: Using size 3 ½ needles cast on 42–46–50 sts. Work same as back up to and including the last 2 rows Stockinette st. Continue to work in Garter st. At side edge increase same as back. At center front decrease 18–17–16 times 1 st every 8 rows – alternately every 8 and 10 rows – alternately every 8 and 10 rows. Shoulders: bind off sts in the same way and at the same length as back.

Left front: work same as right front, reversing all shaping.

Front band/collar: Using size 3 ½ needles cast on 30 sts and work in Double Moss st. Work until total length is approx. 140 cm.Bind off sts in pattern.

Finishing: Sew shoulder seams.

Sleeve borders: Using size 3 ½ needles, at both edges of shoulder seam pick up approx. 100–105–110 sts over 42–44–46 cm and work a border in Double Moss st. Bind off sts in pattern when border measures 3 cm. Sew front band/collar to front piece, beginning at lower edge of one front, along neck edge and other front. Sew side seams.

Waist cord: Work a crochet foundation chain twice as long as you want the cord to be. Fasten off. Twist the cord always in the same direction, then place scissors in center of cord and allow the cord to twist itself together until the twists are tight. Hold both ends and let cord twist around itself by keeping it up. Cut the cord near the scissors and tie a small knot on either side. Weave cord through the holes.

Model B
Model B
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