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Model B (1)
Category Women
Suggested yarn Stone Washed XL, River Washed XL
Type Sweater
Sizes 36/38 - 40/42 - 44/46
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Pullover made of Stone Washed XL

By Scheepjes

Materials: Scheepjes Stone Washed XL purple (851) 15–16–16 balls, size 5 crochet hook.

Gauge: 15 sts and 8 rows in Pattern st A = 10x10 cm. Take time to check gauge and switch hook if necessary.

Stitches: Crochet chain, Single crochet, Double crochet, Triple crochet.

Pattern stitch A: Work following stitch marked A in chart. After the edge sts always repeat the 3 sts in width and the 1st and 2nd row in height. Work the center part by crocheting over the center 15 sts. Work rows 1 through 11 one time, then repeat rows 2 through 11.

o = Crochet chain, I = Single crochet, † = Double crochet, I with two horizontal lines = Triple crochet.

Decreases for neck, armholes and sleeve cap shaping: at the beginning of the row: chain 3 or 4 sts, skip the first cluster of 3 Double crochet and continue to work in pattern. At the end of the row: leave the last 3 sts before the edge st unworked, then work the edge sts.


Back: Chain 67–73–79 sts and work 3 rows Double crochet, replacing each 1st Double crochet in each row with 3 chain sts. Continue to work in Pattern st A. Armholes: when work measures 44–43–42 cm (35–34–33 rows), decrease 2 times 3 sts at both edges, each row. Neckline: when work measures 62,5 cm (= 50 rows) leave the center 30 sts unworked and at either edge work 1 row Pattern st over the rem sts. Fasten off.

Front: Chain 67–73–79 sts and work 3 rows Double crochet. Now set up stitch pattern as follows: 26–29–32 sts in Pattern st A, 15 sts for center part, 26–29–32 sts in Pattern st A. Continue in this stitch distribution until work measures 44 cm, = 34 rows. The last row is an 11th row. Neckline: divide work and finish each half separately in Pattern st A. Neckline decrease: beside the center Double cochet cluster, work 10 times a half cluster less, every row = 5 clusters in width for each half front.

Armholes: Decrease same as back. Work to the same height as back and fasten off.

Sleeves: Chain 46 sts and work 46 Double crochet, then continue in Pattern st. Alternately decrease 3 times 1 st at both edges, every 3 rows and 2 times 1 st, every row. Sleeve width: increase 8–9–11 times 1 st at both edges, every 3–3–2 rows. When sleeve measures 14 cm and from now on work the center part of chart over the center 15 sts. Sleeve cap: when work measures 46 cm decrease 6 times a half Double crochet cluster, at both edges every row. Fasten off.

Finishing: Sew shoulder seams. Work 1 row Double crochet along neck edge, checking height and width of neck. Sew in sleeves, placing center of sleeve to shoulder seam. Sew side and underarm seams.

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