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Hanging plantpot2
Hanging plantpot1
Category Pretty Little Things 27 - Floral Home
Suggested yarn Catona 50g
Type Plant Holder
Technique other
Sizes Ø16cm x 13cm high
Languages dutch english-uk english-us french german spain
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Pretty Little Things 27 - Potted Plant Holder

By Sarah Smallenburg

Pretty Little Things 27 - Potted Plant Holder

Spring is the time of fresh new growth and also the time to divide houseplants to share and swap with friends. With that in mind, Sarah Smallenburg has created the fun hanging Potted Plant Holder to free up precious window ledge space for cuttings and plantlets. Made with Catona yarn, the rectangular needle punched piece is attached to a perforated wooden base for easy construction and extra stability. Plant parents will adore the big natural wooden beads and loopy texture of this beginner-friendly design.


  • Scheepjes Catona (100% Mercerised Cotton; 50g/125m)
    Yarn A: 105 Bridal White x 1 ball
    Yarn B: 257 Antique Mauve x 1 ball
    Yarn C: 396 Rose Wine x 1 ball
    Yarn D: 383 Ginger Gold x 1 ball
  • 30 x 70cm DMC embroidery linen 13 count (item no. DM932-3782)
  • Opry punch needle set (item no. 62942)
  • 10 x 54cm Prym Creative Sheet (plastic sheet) to stabilise sides (item no. 611.144) (optional)
  • ø 20cm non-slip hoop for punch needling
  • 1 x ø 16cm perforated round woodenbag base (item no. 67454-16)
  • 2.2m length 6mm cotton twisted cord(item no. 89665)
  • 4 x 25mm natural wooden beads(item no. 96243)
  • Fine tip permanent marker
  • Sewing needle

Free pattern booklet

This pattern appears in Pretty Little Things 27 – Floral home, published by Scheepjes. The Pretty Little Things booklet is available in print in both UK English and Dutch language via Scheepjes retailers. Or download the FREE ebook below or via Ravelry.

Pretty Little Things 27 - Potted Plant Holder

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