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Category Scheepjes Publications, Women, Accessories, Pretty Little Things 20 - The Weather
Suggested yarn Softfun
Type Wrap
Technique crochet
Sizes 76 x 97cm
Languages dutch english-uk
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Pretty Little Things 20 - Rainbow Tartan Wrap

By Renske Hoekzema

Pretty Little Things 20 - Rainbow Tartan Wrap

Rainbows are a beautiful symbol of hope reminding us to weather the storm, as better times are sure to come. The Rainbow Tartan Wrap designed by Renske Hoekzema is a breeze to make with chequered surface crochet stitched in radiant shades, while the swirling tassels give a playful look. Choose from light and breathable Scheepjes Softfun for summertime or warm and cosy Scheepjes Merino Soft to wear in cooler climes.


  • Scheepjes Softfun (60% Cotton, 40% Acrylic; 50g/140m)
    Yarn A: 2426 Lace x 5 balls
    Yarn B: 2535 Forest x 1 ball
    Yarn C: 2517 Kelly x 1 ball
    Yarn D: 2511 Dark Turquoise x 1 ball
    Yarn E: 2515 Deep Violet x 1 ball
    Yarn F: 2410 Candy Apple x 1 ball
    Yarn G: 2427 Tangerine x 1 ball
    Yarn H: 2518 Canary x 1 ball
  • 4mm and 6mm crochet hooks

Free Pattern Booklet

This pattern appears in Pretty Little Things 20 – The Weather, published by Scheepjes. The Pretty Little Things booklet is available in print in both UK English and Dutch language via Scheepjes retailers. Or download the FREE ebook below or via Ravelry.

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