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Deep Sea Hanger_01
Category Scheepjes Publications, Home, Pretty Little Things 18 - Sea, Bizzymitts
Type Wall Hanging
Technique other
Sizes 17 x 50cm
Languages dutch english-uk
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Pretty Little Things 18 - Deep Sea Hanger

By Liz Barraclough

Pretty Little Things 18 - Deep Sea Hanger

Let Liz Barraclough’s Deep Sea Hanger, submerge you in an underwater fairytale world where an enchanting jellyfish plays the starring role. Deceptively simple to stitch in a painterly style, the embellishments and details bring the embroidery to life. Shimmering glass Toho beads, striking colour combinations and braided tentacles are enhanced by a sea of indigo net tulle, layered to give a sense of depth.

Free pattern booklet

This pattern appears in Pretty Little Things 18 – Sea, published by Scheepjes. The Pretty Little Things booklet is available in print in both UK English and Dutch language via Scheepjes retailers. Or download the FREE ebook below or via Ravelry

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