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Ruth Lambert

Hi! My name is Ruth. I live in Belgium and work in a library. My earliest memory of crafting is seeing my mother sewing the clothes for her children, and she also knitted sweaters from time to time. I learned to crochet, knit and embroider at elementary school, and even though I was surrounded by crafting, I never had any interest in it. All I cared for were books. In 2014, I started sewing lessons so I could repair some clothes and from that moment on I got interested in crafting. A year later I picked up a crochet hook and never laid it down again. In 2017, I even picked up 2 more needles and started to knit. What started as a hobby became a real passion. You rarely see me without a hook or needles in the hand, because crafting isn't only relaxing, it's also my therapy. Crafting gives me inner peace.