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2020-09-04 Forester 1
2020-09-04 Forester 2
2020-09-04 Forester 3
2020-09-04 Forester 4
Category Mijo Crochet, Women, Accessories
Suggested yarn Whirl, Frosted Whirl, Woolly Whirl
Type Shawl
Technique crochet
Sizes 150 x 110 x 85cm
Languages dutch english-uk english-us arabic danish french german greek hungarian italian japanese polish russian slovak spain swedish
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Forester Shawl

By Johanna Lindahl

A gorgeous, warm shawl should not be missing from your collection when the days get colder! The Forester shawl by Johanna of Mijo Crochet is made with our beloved Whirl yarns, giving it a wonderful long colour gradient. Get your hands on this crochet pattern here.

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