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Errata YARN 9 - Celestial Mandala

Please note there is an error in the printed version of Celestial Mandala pattern published in YARN 9 - NOW age.

Errata text

Round 18 Ch3, *FPtr, 2htr in next st, 17htr, (1htr, FPtr) in next FPtr, tr2tog**, 1tr; rep from * 4 more times and from * to ** once more, ss to top of beg 3-ch. [120 htr, 6 tr, 12 FPtr, 6tr2tog]

Errata Diagram

There is an errta for row 9, 13, 14, 15 and row 24.

Erratum Celestial Mandala copy
YARN 9 - Calestial Mandala correctie
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