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Jessica Wifall

Hello! I’m Jessica. I live in Arizona with my wonderful husband and two awesome little boys. I learned to crochet and knit at a young age from my grammy. I picked it up again as an adult in late 2014 when I decided to crochet a hat for a gift exchange. This led to a blanket, then a baby blanket, then a knit stocking and after that I just kept crocheting and knitting more things. I like to create things and enjoy seeing a project come together into a finished piece.

Before I had kids, I worked as an engineer. Designing patterns fulfills my desire for technical creation. I like the challenge of iterating and refining a design. When I get stuck, it is helpful for me to write out requirements to focus on what I am trying to achieve with the design. I find it satisfying to get out a scale and spreadsheets and make calculations. Writing the patterns is a bit like programming and changes the idea from a prototype that only I made into something others can make too. Seeing what other people have made using my patterns brings me great joy.

You can find all my designs on my website: JessicaWifall.com.