1.3 Blanket shot (1)
1.3 Sea Blanket
Category Patterns YARN/AP, Home
Suggested yarn Softfun Aquarel
Type Blanket
Technique Crochet
Sizes 157 x 105 cm
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YARN 1 - Aquarel Blanket

By Atty van Norel

A timeless crocheted blanket that features just five colours. The yarn had faded effect that looks as if it has been travelling along beaches and in holiday suitcases for years. This effect is achieved by the watercolour-like way in which the yarn had been dyed. This gives an overall vibrant effect. This small crochet project with its repeating small squares gives the satisfaction of completion every time you finish a square. There are one hundred and fifty squares in total which lead to a grand finale when you join them together.

The pattern of this blanket is available here.

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