Lucky Yarn Box Challenge

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Hooray! It is our 165th anniversary and that calls for a celebration! Throughout all those years, thousands of creations were made by crafters from all around the world! Because you've brought us so many smiles, we've thought of something fun: the Lucky Yarn Box challenge. With this challenge, you have the chance of winning a festive box with which you can make a creation for someone else. Are you celebrating with us? We will be giving away 165 boxes!

How it works

  1. Like our challenge-post and follow us on Instagram or Facebook for information and inspiration!
  2. Tell us who you want to give an extra large smile with your creation and why this is so important for you.
  3. Are you one of the Lucky Ones that will receive a box? Then make a unique creation with the products in the box, within the first two months of receiving it. Also send us a WIP picture and a picture of the end result via or share it on social media with the hashtag #ScheepjesSmile.
  4. For some of the Lucky Ones, this is only the beginning! Maybe you can star in a video where you can tell everyone about your passion and who you made your creation for.

Who do you think deserves a big smile?
Perhaps it is your granny, because her storytelling is so beautiful. Or perhaps your neighbour, because he/she also secretly waters your plants. Or maybe your colleague, since you can always count on them. You can choose who you do this challenge for, so it is your celebration too! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more inspiration and information, fill in the application form and deliver that smile!

Up for a fun challenge? Go for it! You have untill 20 June 2021, 00:00 CEST to share your story with us.

Tell us your motivation

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