Mimi Valias-Clark

Hi my name is Mimi, I’m originally from Brazil, but feel more like a Canadian as I have lived here for most of my life. I am married to a lovely man and have two grown children and two grand-pups. I learned to knit and crochet as a child and was so proud of the first piece of clothing I made for myself - a granny square vest; after that I was hooked (pun intended) and decided that I needed to make multiple dresses for all my dolls. I love the relaxing and repetitive nature of this craft, and it has always been there for me anytime I needed to get through any stressful times. For years I looked for new and interesting crochet patterns as I always knew it could be so much more than just the simple stitches I had learned. Then, on a glorious day, I saw an ad for the Scheepjes Hygge CAL and my life changed forever. I bought a kit, nervously joined the Scheepjes Facebook group and immediately felt like I had found my tribe; I love how positive, helpful and encouraging everyone is there, it is a real community. You can just imagine then how excited I was when, earlier this year, I was invited to be a moderator in the group.