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Week 2

Week 2 EN

In this week we will crochet small leaves around the centre. Each leaf will be crocheted separately and you can choose whether you use only one color or several colors, I have used four colors which alternate in this version, in the other version all the small leaves have been done with the same color.


st/s stitch/stitches
htr half treble
tr treble
ch chain
dtr double treblet
sl-st slip stitch
bl back loop only
dc double crochet
fp front post
sp/s space/s
bp back post

Special Stitches

SS - Standing Stitch: When you start a new round with a new color, you can make a Standing Stitch to begin. The Standing Stitch can be either double crochet, half treble or treble. If you prefer starting rounds with a join and chain, feel free to do so. Join with a slip stitch and chain 2 or 3 depending on whether you are working dc, htr or tr. Standing Stitch tutorial by Tamara Kelly / Moogly.


There are a lot of pictures and references to photos in the pattern. If there is a special starting point for the round, a picture will be provided.

Please be aware that the video tutorials use US terms.


Round 23:

With right side facing SS htr into any dc, htr into next 159 sts, join with sl-st to 1st htr. Fasten off and secure ends.

Stitch count: 160 htr

Round 24: In this round we will crochet chains into points.

SS dc into any htr where there is a two color seam below (arrow in Pic 1) *6 ch dc into 3rd chain from the hook (if you want you can put a stitch marker into the chain space, arrow in Pic 2), dc into next 3 chains, dc in same sp as starting dc (Pic 5), dc into next 10 sts* repeat *to* 16 times in total, omit the last dc in the final repeat. Join with sl-st to 1stdc. Fasten off and secure ends.

Stitch count: 16 x 9dc + 16 points comprising of 2dc base sts, 4dc and a 2 ch space

Round 25:

Now we will crochet around the points to make leaves. Pic 1-7

Right side facing *SS dc into any 4th dc of Round 24 before a point (Pic 1), skip the next 3 dc, tr into the back of the 4 sts from the point (Pic 2), 3 dc into ch-sp where the marker was placed (Pic 3), tr into next 4 dc (Pic 4), skip 3 dc from round 24, dc into next 2 stitches (Pic 5/6), turn the work (wrong side facing), outer round: skip both dc, htr into next 4 sts (Pic 6) , 2 htr into next 3 tr (Pic 7), htr into next 4 sts, miss SS dc, dc into next stitch from Round 24. Fasten off and secure ends.*, repeat * to* 15 more times into each point, alternating colors if required.

Stitch count: 16 leaves, 14 htr in the last round of each leaf.

This week is now complete.

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