Scheepjes Big and Little Sisteer Shawls
Category Patterns YARN/AP, Women, Accessories, Felted Button, YARN 5 - Woman
Suggested yarn Our Tribe
Type Shawl
Technique Crochet
Sizes Width 178 cm (70in), depth 66cm (26in)
Languages English UK Dutch
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YARN 5 - Little Sister Shawl

By Susan Carlson

This combination of motifs and rows comes together in surprising colours to create a smaller, more playful shawl. The little sister shawl is the ‘little sister’ of the lighter big sister shawl.

Yarn required:
Scheepjes Our Tribe (70% Merino Superwash, 30% polyamide, 100g/420m)
966 Miss Neriss x 2 balls

Width 178cm (70in)
Depth 66cm (26in)

This pattern is published in YARN 5, Woman, a Book-a-zine by Scheepjes. The digital pattern can be found here.

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