Jellina Creations

Hi there! I am Jellina a creative woman, married, 3 boys and live in a real male family.
In 2009 I started crocheting, not much later I started to blog and soon I designed my own patterns.

Crochet is my passion, it is 24/7 on my mind. My inspiration comes from everywhere but I mainly look at quilt designs because I like the graphic patterns that are so common in the quilt world. My patterns that you find on my website are usually easily recognisable.

My motto is that you should enjoy the whole process. Don't start with a shawl today and want to wear him tomorrow. Enjoy the process of selecting the pattern, choosing colors and crochet the shawl. Don't be too hard on yourself about details, look at the whole picture. Don't be too focused on the final product it is about the journey, not the destination. Crocheting must be relaxation, you create something, enjoy it!


Patterns of Jellina Creations