Dedri Uys

Hi, my name is Dedri and I am the hooker behind Lookatwhatimade. By day I am a radiotherapist, a mom to 3 gorgeous young boys and one feisty cat, and a wife to a very handsome and kind-hearted husband. At night you will find me huddled over my crochet hook, furiously scribbling down patterns, tripping over the cat in my mad dash between computer and photography-equipment, and screaming at my husband to “BRING ME MORE COFFEE… OR WINE!” I love to crochet, but more than that, I love to teach other people to crochet and to love it as much as I do. My granny taught me to crochet when I was knee-high to a grasshopper, and although I was good at it, I didn’t particularly like it. It wasn’t until I was pregnant with my second son 5 years ago that I picked up a hook again. A simple blanket led to a puzzle ball, which led to a never-ending crochet frenzy! I get inspired by the oddest things – like the nose of a specific car or the train tracks at the tube station, the colours on a bag of sweets or a doodle one of the boys has done… I particularly like repeating patterns and can stare at tessellations for hours, trying to find different images in the patterns. But above all else, I am inspired (and energized) by colours. Any colours. Any combinations. The more the merrier.