Category YARN 10 - The Colour Issue, Home, Cypress Textiles
Suggested yarn Softfun
Type Blanket
Technique Crochet
Sizes 215 x 162cm (84.6 x 63.8in)
Languages Dutch English UK
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YARN 10 - Technicolour Dream Blanket

By Rachele Carmona

Crochet all the colours from our previous projects into one big blanket and the Technicolour Dream Blanket is born. A combination of geometric shapes and a pompom trim create a kaleidoscopic feast for the eyes. Throw this celebration of colour over a sofa, bed or chair to instantly uplift the mood in any room!


  • Scheepjes Softfun (60% Cotton, 40% Acrylic; 50g/140m)
    1 ball of each:
    Yarn A: 2492 Bordeaux
    Yarn B: 2534 Cyclamen
    Yarn C: 2617 Jam
    Yarn D: 2431 Clay
    Yarn E: 2607 Coral
    Yarn F: 2427 Tangerine
    Yarn G: 2621 Mustard
    Yarn H: 2610 Butterscotch
    Yarn I: 2622 Latte
    Yarn J: 2518 Canary
    Yarn K: 2496 Banana
    Yarn L: 2426 Lace
    Yarn M: 2606 Moss
    Yarn N: 2531 Olive
    Yarn O: 2516 Apple
    Yarn P: 2535 Forest
    Yarn Q: 2605 Emerald
    Yarn R: 2517 Kelly
    Yarn S: 2604 Aztec
    Yarn T: 2423 Bright Turquoise
    Yarn U: 2615 Botanical
    Yarn V: 2626 Cobalt
    Yarn W: 2511 Dark Turquoise
    Yarn X: 2603 Cool Blue
    Yarn Y: 2463 Purple
    Yarn Z: 2515 Deep Violet
    Yarn AA: 2519 Violet
    Yarn BB: 2489 Denim
    Yarn CC: 2602 Slate Blue
    Yarn DD: 2609 Iris
    Yarn EE: 2612 Crepe
    Yarn FF: 2618 Blossom
    Yarn GG: 2514 Rose
    7 balls of:
    Yarn HH: 2510 Dove
  • 3.5mm and 4mm crochet hooks


215 x 162cm (84.6 x 63.8in) after blocking

This pattern is published in YARN 10, The Colour Issue, a bookazine by Scheepjes. This bookazine is available at your Scheepjes dealer.

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